Makarska Observatory

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  • "Miraculous space", lecture by prof. Ante Radonic

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Unique in its position for several reasons:
  • built on a monument
  • located in the town center, 50m from the seafront and 100m from the beach
  • elevated on a hill called Glavica and surrounded by a ring of pine trees provides a 100% dark!
Astronomy is a happy science. There is no need for embellishment.
François Arago

Business hours:

summer time (Monday - Thursday)
June: 21.30 - 23.30
July: 21.30 - 23.30
August: 21.30 - 23.30
September: 21.00 - 23.00

rest of the year
Thursdays 20.00 - 22.00
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays - not working
school groups by appointment

in case of bad weather (clouds, wind, rain) closed!


Location of the observatory:

Ul. Stjepana Radića 5a, Makarska


  • DAUP-Orion is an astronomical organization that acts in the city of Makarska for 10 years and has over 60 active members, mostly children and young adults.
  • Activities of Orion are promotion and development of astronomy and ufology among young people, and protection and promotion of the interests and beliefs of members in these areas, and is from great significance for development and promotion of technical culture.
  • DAUP-Orion is a member of Association of Technical Culture - City of Makarska, Association of Technical Culture - Splitsko-dalmatinska county, Croatian astronomical alliance and other city, county and national professional associations of technical culture.

Our history

  • In the year 2003., when we first came to the tower of the city monument, because of the slashed electricity wires (1997.- 2003.) he was a gathering place (and a bathroom) for drug addicts - full of syringes, feces, … - image unworthy of a man.
  • The place was renovated and in two and a half years of intensive effort, on 25.07.2009., the Makarska observatory was officially opened by two babies: 1.5 year old Lucia and 1.3 years old Luciana - because to children this object, and all within it, has to serve.
  • The childrens EU astro-park project was created as a logical sequence of successfully completed observatory project which in the past year, since the opening, had more than 2,000 scholars from all parts of Croatia.
  • The childrens EU astro-park has a task to, through play and recreation, give the children additional motivation for scientific program in the observatory, unobtrusively educating them about basic information on the solar system.

President of DAUP-ORION-a
Head of the observatory:
prof.Gloryan Grabner



(click for a bigger image)
Plan for the childrens astro park


If you want to help our future projects with your donations:

OIB: 61708238541 / MB: 1471481
Glazbarska 1, 21300 Makarska; HR.
Bank account: HR7124070001100618878

You can contact us at: